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Want to be happier, relaxed and more fulfilled in your life?


Let’s make it happen


I believe that as you begin to take charge of unhelpful stresses in your life that you can find

true happiness..a life that gives you the fulfilment you need, the sense of peace and control you want, and a life enjoying the people that matter to you whilst having the

freedom to be you!

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What you need is understanding and support from an experienced coach who has achieved the freedom that you want to achieve and can provide you with a confidential listening ear to help you to come up with solutions to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.


Because I understand that you are fed up with living in the turmoil and survival mode of stress and anxiety - you want to be someone that regains happiness in life.
I provide you with a program that will coach you into all the ways of communication, mindset skills, and visionary clarity you need to Start finding happiness, confidence, and control of your life again.

My coaching program will get you taking action from day one - you’ll be applying the tools in your life while learning.

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Meet Tim



Early Years Of Searching..

I studied Economics, with the initial desire to get a job in an investment bank, to make a lot of money. On completing my degree, I was advised to take 18 months out and wait for the newly deregulated financial markets, in Sydney Australia, to settle down.

I then travelled across Asia and Europe until I arrived in London.


I worked in commodities trading and financial administration for the next 10 years before burning out. This experience caused me to reassess my life and dig a little deeper to discover how to manage the unhelpful stress that had upset my life and what I really wanted to do with my life.

If you are experiencing unhelpful stress in your role as a manager because of issues in your team I can help you to build resilience. By giving you some useful tools and techniques to overcome that stress to empower you to deal with inner and outer conflicts and improve your communication skills. Helping you to manage the high-pressure zones that can lead to burnout.

Working With People...

I then went on to work in management in a charitable organisation. It was here that I discovered a real gift to be able to work in a fast paced environment with a colourful and challenging clientele of homeless men in the Central West End of London. I was fortunate to have a team of people around me that were very passionate and good at what they did.


During this time, I stepped into a Senior Leadership role in another charitable organisation. This role proved to be very challenging and fraught with some serious historical issues to deal with. This created a lot of strain amongst my fellow leadership team and those who were my directors. I became piggy in the middle and had to very quickly learn about conflict management. The team's journey from storming to performing became prolonged and the environment I was working in became toxic.


Is there toxicity in the environment that you work in that you’d like to change so that you can build a team of people around you that are passionate and effective in what they are doing? Senior and Middle management roles can often find themselves being pulled at from those that they manage and pushed by those that are managing them. I can provide you with a safe, understanding, confidential space to talk about this tension and some tools and techniques to help you to create an environment that is one of greater performance, productivity and health.


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Rest & Recreation...

In June 2016 I decided to take some time out of the hectic London lifestyle and move to the countryside south of Birmingham and became a Transformational Life Coach after qualifying with Animas centre for coaching.


I have experienced the intense pressures of high-stress situations and circumstances. I know what it feels like to live in the high fight, flight and freeze mode. Unable to switch off my mind at night to sleep on high adrenal levels. I can reduce your stress levels and help you to find ways to maintain confidence during your busiest times. I now sleep well and wake up more refreshed. I can help you to sleep better at night through better self-management tools.


The best part of this for me now is finding myself working with senior managers, in their 30’s to '50s, empowering them and bringing greater confidence in their ability so that they can gain greater recognition and career advancement and be true leaders in their field of work.

My personal life experience has been an adventure of discovering what I am effective in! If only I had someone that could have enabled me to discover that sooner, I wonder what difference that would have made.


I can help you to explore that same journey, to look at what is really important to you, gain clarity about living the life you’re meant to be living so that you can be at peace in the knowledge that you are doing what you were made to do?

Why not give me a call now and gain some clarity around all this to see if you might like to join my program - Happiness for Managers?

A 15 minute call to get to know each other and decide whether we are a good fit for working together.
Free clarity session
15 min
Free Clarity Call


These are the steps that I apply to keep my life effective.

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