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What is holding you back from being more effective and empowered in work and life?

Download this free 5 Keys for Managers to create Healthy work-life balance



These are the steps that I apply to keep my life effective.

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You are here because you want to have the freedom to live a life that's got real purpose, energy, peace of mind to be happy & enjoy it!


I can help you with this... 

Happiness For Managers


My personal life experience has been an adventure of discovering what I am effective in! If only I had someone that could have enabled me to discover that sooner, I wonder what difference that would have made.


I can help you to explore that same journey, to look at what is really important to you, gain clarity about living the life you’re meant to be living so that you can be at peace in the knowledge that you are doing what you were made to do?


Ready to get started?


Simply book a complimentary call with me, to talk about your aspirations, goals, and needs. You’ll get to know how to achieve your vision, and we can discuss how my program will help you with this.


A 15 minute call to get to know each other and decide whether we are a good fit for working together.
Free clarity session
15 min
Free Clarity Call
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"I have achieved a much-improved understanding about me, leading to a better approach in my career to achieve a balance between happiness, home life, less worry and apprehension with a better perspective and a new role in my career development."


"I would recommend Happiness for Managers Program 100%, purely on the basis of what I have taken away has dramatically changed my outlook and results regarding the goals I set at the start. It was a challenging journey but commitment and the coaching support from Tim has helped me on the way to the goals.


I now have a New job! Happiness and balance. Better focused at work. Present in the moment at home.


The challenge or problems I faced before working with Tim were: Understanding what drives my own happiness in more depth and how I achieve it, Understanding and exploring how to strike the right balance between work and home and gaining a peaceful mind and perspective within that.

What surprised me about the program was the difference in style. I have engaged in business coaching before this programme which opened my mind to what I have previously experienced, also visualisation tools and the empowerment these have given me, leading me to find my next role!

James Maher

Market Strategy Manager, Commercial Manager, Father

Barney update.jpg

“In the past year I have done things which I could never imagined doing, possibly normal things to others but in the light of my previous life experience well outside of my comfort zone, amazing."

Barney Taylor 


Steve Bavington Pic.jpg

Tim is an excellent coach and my sessions have been really valuable to me - for my work, and personal life. He is a good listener and helped me to get to the heart of some of the issues I’m facing at the moment. I now have a plan, and some steps to help me to improve. I had several ‘Ah ha’ moments whilst we were meeting."

Steve Bavington

Director & Senior Manager

Smiling Woman

"The work completed to date allowed me to gain valuable insight into myself. In my sessions, I assessed my thoughts, words and feelings in relation to a significant area of my life where I was looking to make changes. I gained an insight into my personal values and of those I was seeking in a company which enabled me to gain greater clarity in decision making. This led me to work on challenging my limiting beliefs and focusing on being confident and positive whilst preparing for and attending interviews leading me to achieve the career goal that I had set as a goal in my first coaching session."

Amar Kaur 

Corporate Management

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